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Aspire's Autism Blog

  • Autism Screening Tools: An In-Depth Overview

    August 16, 2023

    Autism screening tools and interventions lead to better outcomes. Expect quality care and individualized support at Aspire Child and Family Services.

  • Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month

    April 17, 2023

    April is Autism Acceptance Month! This is the month to celebrate and accept those in the autism community and to break down the stigma that surrounds the diagnosis. Not only awareness, but also acceptance and inclusion are the main goals.

  • The Link Between Mental and Physical Health in Autism

    April 04, 2023

    The brain is a part of the body, even though it sometimes feels like it works independently. As we begin to understand the links between the mind and body, it is becoming more clear that taking care of one can have positive effects on the other.

  • Learn About Navigating Autism and Pets and Service Animals

    March 07, 2023

    For many families, pets provide an added element of support and companionship. Teaching your child to be safe around animals and to be respectful of pets can help reinforce developing social skills, and there are even service animals trained to assist with tasks based on the needs of an individual.

  • Learn About Social Deficits in Autism

    February 08, 2023

    Communication and social skills can be a measure of your child’s developmental progress. If you start to notice your child presenting skills deficits in these areas, it may be time to discuss your observations with your child’s pediatrician.

  • Learn About Available Autism Resources for Parents

    January 31, 2023

    Parents of children with Autism and related diagnoses often have to invest more effort into their child’s development and treatment than parents of typically developing children, but there is extra help available online. With access to these online tools, parents can find resources that directly address their child’s needs.