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Aspire Employee Jennie England

IBHS Director

Jennie England is an experienced Board Certified Behavior Analyst with experience working in residential, hospital, home, and clinic settings.

Jennie graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s in Psychology. While there, Jennie volunteered in a small clinic providing applied behavior analysis services to children through social skills groups and feeding therapy. During her senior year, Jennie decided to pursue her Master’s degree with a focus in behavior analysis.

Following graduation, Jennie moved to Baltimore, enrolled at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, and began working at the renowned Kennedy Krieger Institute (KKI) with pediatric feeding disorder patients where she received her fieldwork hours and mentorship in ABA from leaders in the field. During her time at KKI, Jennie gained extensive clinical training in the assessment and treatment of pediatric feeding disorders. Jennie received her BCBA in December of 2012.

Upon graduation, Jennie practiced as a behavior analyst in residential settings and individual homes assessing and treating significant and life-threatening problem behaviors and implementing skill acquisition programs utilizing the Verbal Behavior Milestones and Placement Program with children and adolescents.

Jennie is devoted to creating interventions that focus on increasing verbal behavior and quality of life with particular focus on generalization of skills to caregivers and the natural environment.


2012 University of Maryland Baltimore County, M.A

2010 West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Psy.D


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2013 Board Certified Behavior Analyst

2019 Licensed Behavior Specialist PA

Supplemental Education

2018 Teaching Verbal Behavior to Children with Autism and Related Disabilities