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Jaime Friedman

Aspire's Founder Dr. Jaime Friedman

Aspire Child & Family Services Founder and Executive Director

Dr. Friedman began her career as a certified school psychologist working at an urban district where she provided extensive psycho-educational testing and counseling services to youth ages 5-21. In order to pursue a doctoral degree, she moved to Pennsylvania in 2008 and started attending the Psy.D. School Psychology program at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM). While enrolled at PCOM, she had the opportunity to practice her clinical skills and gain further knowledge in psychological testing and neuropsychology. As part of her pre- and post-doctoral training, she provided psycho-educational testing, neuro-psychological testing, and clinical counseling. Dr. Friedman has worked as a licensed psychologist completing bio-psycho-social assessments to determine medical necessity for Behavioral Health Services (e.g., behavior analysts, mobile therapists, and therapeutic support staff).

Throughout the years, Dr. Friedman practiced as a certified school psychologist and consulted with several agencies providing psycho-educational testing and other psychological services to various districts, charter schools, and cyber schools. After completing the licensure process in 2013, she decided to return to work full time as a school psychologist. From August 2012 until November 2013, she worked for Chester Upland School District (CUSD). In November 2013, she decided to use her specialized training in special education and began working for the Bucks County Intermediate Unit (BCIU). At the BCIU, she worked with students with low incidence disabilities that met special education criteria. She also worked with students with Autism, Specific Learning Disability, and Hearing Impairment, including Deafness, Other Health Impairment, Multiple Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury, and many other disabilities. Additionally, she gained experience working with students ages 18-21 in a vocational/transition setting and in classrooms, which focused on re-integrating students with brain injuries back into public schools. As a trained school psychologist, Dr. Friedman believes that to help students succeed, assessments should be individualized. Additionally, different cognitive processes that shed light on learning styles should be explored. She has had the experience with conducting comprehensive assessments, performing Functional Behavior Assessments, and creating effective Behavior Intervention Plans. She has participated in school based committees to enhance student learning and social/emotional functioning, while providing consultative services to staff and parents. Results of testing will serve as a guideline for recommendations, accommodations, and enhance strengths and needs that are outlined in assessment reports.

Dr. Friedman stayed with the IU until she decided to open up her own private practice in 2016. The practice started with Dr. Friedman as the sole practitioner performing psycho-educational assessments and counseling. It has since expanded and now Dr. Friedman serves as the Executive Director of Aspire Child &Family Services, LLC. The practice now offers Clinical Assessments and Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. In addition, Aspire Educational Services was started in 2018 by Dr. Friedman to provide school professionals to public, private, and charter schools. Services include but are not limited to general and special education teachers, school psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, and one to one staff.

PA License Number:



2008-2011 Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Psy.D

2005-2007 Touro College, MS, School Psychology

2001-2005 Stony Brook University, BS, Psychology


2010-2011 The Center for Brief Therapy, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

2011-2012 Neuropsychology Resident, Malamut & Moss, PC

2011-2012 Charter High School for A & D, Philadelphia, PA


Dissertation entitled, “School Psychologists Knowledge and Self-perceived Competency in Identifying, Assessing, and Treating Anxiety Disorders in the School Setting.”


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