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Arielle Duinkerken, Clinical Director, IBHS Director

Arielle Duinkerken

Clinical Director, IBHS Director

Arielle earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology: Behavioral Science at Western Michigan University (WMU). After getting her bachelor’s degree, Arielle obtained her Master of Science degree in Clinical Behavioral Psychology from Eastern Michigan University (EMU).

During her undergraduate education, she worked in multiple research labs within the psychology department under the direction of Dr. Jessica Frieder and Dr. Richard Spates. As an undergraduate research assistant at WMU, Arielle contributed to a study that assessed the treatment fidelity of functional analysis procedures following video modeling for graduate level students.

Throughout her undergraduate and graduate career, Arielle gained experiences as a crisis worker for a suicide hotline, working in a residential facility with adults suffering from traumatic brain injury, assisting with social skills groups for young teens, and as a behavior technician with early learners and teens in the home and community setting.

Upon graduation, Arielle moved to California and continued her training within ABA. Arielle became a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst in November 2017. She worked in the home, community, and school settings with children as young as 18 months through adults in their 40s.

During her time in California, Arielle was promoted to a Managing Behavior Analyst position where she provided supervision and mentoring to ABA clinicians who were working toward obtaining their BCBA certification. Arielle provided supervision and training on reducing interfering behaviors, skill acquisition programming, parent education, and implementation of assessments such as the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP) and the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales assessment.

Arielle remains passionate about providing high-quality, empirically based behavior intervention services to children, young adults, and their families. With an emphasis on family input and involvement, Arielle strives to create long lasting and meaningful change for both her clients and the families she works with.