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Anna D’Alessio, Director of Talent Acquisition

Anna D’Alessio

Director of Talent Acquisition

In the dynamic world of talent acquisition, Anna Marie D'Alessio emerges as a beacon of strategic leadership and innovation. With over two decades of combined experience in training, recruiting, and sales, her journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep commitment to fostering growth and development within educational and behavioral health sectors.

Anna's story begins with a strong academic foundation, having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business Administration from Ursinus College.

Armed with this knowledge, she ventured into the realm of education, obtaining a Pennsylvania teaching certification in K-12 Computer and Business Education from Delaware Valley University. Little did she know, these early experiences would serve as the building blocks for her remarkable career in talent acquisition.

Her professional odyssey truly took flight at KLOVER, where she assumed the role of Talent Acquisition Manager. Here, Anna's strategic acumen and people-centric approach came to the fore as she spearheaded the development and implementation of robust recruiting processes across multiple divisions. Her efforts bore fruit as she not only expanded the organization's workforce but also garnered statewide recognition for her exemplary workforce development initiatives.

Fueled by a passion for making a meaningful impact, Anna transitioned to Aspire Educational Services and Aspire Child & Family Services as Director of Talent Acquisition. In these roles, she not only continued her mission of sourcing top-tier talent but also championed a culture of growth and empowerment within her teams. Her ability to understand the evolving needs of departments and the talent market enabled her to drive transformative recruitment and development strategies, elevating the organizations to new heights of success.

But Anna's journey is not merely defined by professional accolades; it is also characterized by her unwavering commitment to community engagement and mentorship. Whether it's establishing county-assisted employment programs or nurturing relationships with third-party agencies, she constantly seeks opportunities to give back and pay it forward.

Through her tireless efforts and steadfast dedication, Anna Marie D'Alessio stands as a testament to the power of visionary leadership and the limitless potential of the human spirit. With each milestone achieved and each life touched, she continues to redefine what it means to be a strategic talent acquisition leader in today's ever-evolving landscape.