Intensive Behavioral Health Services (wraparound)

IBHS was traditionally known as wraparound services because support is offered in multiple settings, including home, school, and/or community. Behavioral health support is available for children and need is based on medical necessity.

IBHS can help individuals diagnosed with Autism and other behavioral disorders by offering an individualized plan and a team who will help work on targeted goals to improve the quality of life for the individual and their families.

Licensed Psychologist Professional will perform a comprehensive assessment reviewing background information of the individual client. If services are deemed medically necessary, recommendations will be made. The team usually consists of a Behavioral Consultant (BC), who will perform a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)/Assessment to pinpoint the function of a behavior, and will develop a comprehensive treatment plan for the team. 

Behavioral Health Technician (BHT) will work individually with the client and their family in one or more settings (home, school, and/or community), and will implement the Treatment Plan created by the BC. The BC will oversee the work of the BHT to ensure compliance with the treatment plan. In cases where further therapeutic support is necessary, a Mobile Therapist (MT) may be assigned to visit the home. 

Services are generally offered on a weekly basis, depending on need.  

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