Psychoeducational Evaluation

The purpose of a Psycho-educational evaluation is to determine why a student is having difficulty learning and optimally functioning in school. These evaluations may be in direct response to an in school evaluation that a parent does not agree with, or may just serve to provide a more comprehensive assessment than what is rendered in schools. With extensive training in school psychology, our Psychologist’s are well versed in special education law and qualification criteria for students in special education.

Additionally, students in private schools may want to learn what their cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses are in order to optimize their learning abilities. College students may want information on their learning style and the best strategies to achieve academic success. Each evaluation is individualized and focuses on individual’s particular needs.

Process of Psycho-Educational Testing

Psycho-educational testing will usually begin with a comprehensive interview usually involving children/students, parents, and teachers, depending on the type of evaluation. In addition to an interview, rating scales may be administered to these parties. Self-reports are also utilized when necessary and appropriate.

The evaluation will generally consist of an intelligence test administered directly to determine ability levels in areas such as verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, memory, and information processing. Academic achievement tests will also be directly administered to determine ability levels in various academic areas, such as reading, math, written language, and oral language. Social/emotional/behavioral referrals will include rating scales that are used to determine particular areas of concern or to determine the presence of symptoms that may lead to a clinical diagnosis. Each assessment is different and it is important that information regarding referral be communicated directly to the staff and Psychologist to determine the appropriate course of action.

Reasons for Psycho-educational Evaluation

  • Learning disorder evaluation
  • IQ Testing
  • ADHD evaluation
  • Autism spectrum disorder evaluation
  • Special accommodations evaluation
  • Emotional & Interpersonal Issues
  • Adaptive/developmental evaluation