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At Aspire CFS, we offer a wide array of psycho-educational assessment services for school-age students to young adults, entering or in college.

Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Assessments to determine clinical criteria related to symptomology characteristics of a child with autism

These comprehensive reports include the use of gold-standard in the diagnostic assessment of children with autism, the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS-2).

Additional testing is used to assess language, cognitive abilities, executive functioning skills, and adaptive or daily living skills. Diagnosis is the first step to receiving treatment.

Please see the “Autism Services Guide” and the “Intensive Behavioral Health Services” pages for information on obtaining support.

IQ/cognitive Testing

IQ/cognitive testing to determine problem-solving and reasoning abilities

This is the most basic type of testing and will be a brief assessment of only cognitive abilities. IQ testing may be used to determine gifted eligibility.

Assessments to Determine Learning Differences

Assessments to determine learning differences and reports that outline effective strategies based on individual learning needs

These evaluations will consist of standardized tests of cognition and academic achievement, as well as, any social/emotional/behavioral/adaptive functioning rating scales.

A full report will be provided that includes recommendations to improve performance in education.

Assessments to Determine Special Education Eligibility

Assessments to determine special education eligibility in public schools e.g., Autism, Learning Disabilities, Emotional Disturbance, Intellectual Disability…

These comprehensive assessments can be used to determine if your child needs special education services or can be used as a second opinion following the completion of an assessment completed in schools.

Assessments to Determine Necessity of College Accommodations

Assessments to determine whether college accommodations are necessary for students

If you are entering college or in college and experiencing difficulties, you may require extra accommodations. These accommodations may include testing in a small setting or testing in a quiet area.

These evaluations will determine what is in the way of achieving success (e.g., ADHD), and will provide accommodations in a written format that may be used through the Office of Accommodations.


Each assessment is individually tailored to the specific needs of families and individuals.

The instruments used are determined by these specific needs and may include:

  • cognitive or intelligence testing (e.g., WISC-V, WAIS-IV)
  • academic achievement testing (e.g., WIAT-III)
  • rating scales (BASC-3, ABAS-3)
  • any other instruments needed to determine individual needs

Observations are also used as part of the evaluation process. Comprehensive recommendations are included with each report.

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