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Clinical Services

At Aspire Child & Family Services, our goal is to partner with your family to navigate developmental, emotional or mental health difficulties, and we strive to help optimize functioning across various settings by providing quality, comprehensive care.

Assessments & Clinical Testing

Autism Testing

Assessments of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are used to determine clinical criteria related to symptomology characteristics of a child with autism.

Psycho-Educational Evaluations

The purpose of a Psycho-Educational Evaluation is to determine why a student is having difficulty learning and functioning optimally in school. These evaluations may be in response to an in-school evaluation that a parent does not agree with, or they may just serve to provide a more comprehensive assessment than what is offered in schools.

Psychological Assessments

The purpose of a Psychological Assessment is to determine if a particular area of concern is affecting daily functioning in some way. Individuals might be struggling with functioning at home, in school or out in the community, and a psychological evaluation may provide them with a clearer sense of why they have been struggling.

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Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS)

We offer both home/community & school-based behavioral health services.

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Assessments & Clinical Testing

Suspecting autism or another disability affecting you or your child’s functioning? We offer diagnostic testing.

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Autism Services

Aspire CFS provides comprehensive Autism services that you can explore.

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