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Autism Referrals

A parent, legal guardian or child over the age of 14 may refer or be referred for an evaluation to determine the most appropriate level of behavioral treatment needed. All clients will go through a screening session to gather their information, usually by phone. If deemed appropriate through the screening process, the client will be scheduled for a Biopsychosocial Evaluation to be completed with a Licensed Mental Health Professional (i.e., Licensed Psychologist).

Resources for Skill Deficits

What types of behavioral challenges can IBHS assist with?

Social skills

This may include working on responding by name, learning to recognize social cues, making and maintaining friendships, etc.

Communication skills

This may include vocal communication or other forms of communication such as using PECS boards, American Sign Language, etc.

Self-care skills

This may include learning independent hair-care, bathing, toothbrushing and other aspects of personal hygiene routines.


Toilet training is a tough skill to teach, especially as children get older when it begins to affect other areas of their lives. ABA has a vast collection of empirical research on the most effective ways to toilet train your child.

School skills

Behavioral therapy can assist in improving your child’s ability to function at their highest capacity in a learning environment. By working closely with the student’s teacher, behavior therapists can help design different Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) that can help the student stay on-task and be attentive in a classroom setting.

Challenging Behavior Examples

  • Noncompliance
  • Tantrums
  • Aggression
  • Disruptions
  • Self-injurious behavior

What type of services are right for your family?

In Home

Your child is presenting significant difficulties at home. These difficulties may be in the form of challenging behaviors or skill deficits. You are looking for help in learning new ways to help your child become successful in these areas.

In school/Daycare/preschool/aftercare

Your child is presenting significant difficulties at school. They may be in the form of challenging behaviors or skill deficits. You and the school staff are looking for help in finding new ways to help your child become successful in these areas.


Your child is struggling with maintaining their mental health or their non-behavioral disorder, and they could benefit from counseling or family therapy.

Estimated Timeline

  • Insurance Verification

    1 week

  • CBE/CBR (if needed)

    2–3 weeks

  • Insurance Authorization

    2 weeks

  • Assessment

    4–10 weeks1 week

  • Staffing of servicesInsurance Verification

    up to 4 weeks, depending on availability

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