Dr. Ruth Marino

Dr. Ruth Marino graduated from Beaver College (now Arcadia University) with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.  She received a Ph.D. in 1992 from Temple University in Educational Psychology with a focus on preschool children’s play and language development.  While in graduate school, Dr. Marino was the supervisor of a half-way house in Philadelphia for Emotionally Disturbed and Cognitively Impaired women and girls in a residential setting. Dr. Marino worked as a certified school psychologist for thirty-seven years before retiring.  Dr. Marino initially worked at a consortium of four elementary schools in New Jersey, followed by one year in Radnor Township in Pennsylvania. Dr. Marino was then employed as a coordinator of a Child Study Team/ school psychologist for thirteen years in Burlington County and a school psychologist for twenty- two years in Camden County.  All of these schools had grades preschool to eight. Dr. Marino conducted classes on classroom management for teachers, performed Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA), developed behavior plans, completed psychological evaluations, and counseled students.   After retiring, Dr. Marino was employed at two high schools and three elementary schools in New Jersey as a school psychologist, replacing school psychologists taking temporary leaves. Dr. Marino has taught undergraduate and graduate classes in Educational Psychology as an adjunct, and is the research co-chair and former president of the New Jersey Association of School Psychologists.  Presently, Dr. Marino is employed part-time at an urban charter high school in Philadelphia.

Dr. Marino believes that comprehensive assessments are necessary to both discover the reasons that students are experiencing difficulty academically, and to provide strategies for remediation. Currently, Dr. Marino is interested in working with children with anxiety and depression, both of which have increased in the elementary school population.  Dr. Marino has experienced success in treating children within the context of their family and in collaboration with the important adults in their lives. Throughout her career, Dr. Marino has been involved with students who are discouraged by academic underachievement resulting in failure to try.  The collaborative model is effective in alleviating symptoms and assisting adults and children to function more effectively in their environment.

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Anxiety Disorders

Attention Deficit Disorder

Learning Disabilities

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