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Jennifer Fagin

IBHS Assistant Clinical Director

Jenn has a wealth of experience in leadership positions for behavioral health services. She earned her master’s in education at the University of Pennsylvania while maintaining a 3.91 GPA. Jenn has over twenty years of experience as a Licensed Behavior Specialist (LBS) and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

After beginning her professional career, Jenn saw the importance of mental health care from a new perspective. When her own son needed to go through the process of getting a diagnosis, Jenn learned firsthand about the stresses and concerns a parent has during the evaluation process. She and her son had to endure an ABA services waitlist period that was over a year long. After ABA services were deemed necessary, Jenn’s son was evaluated three times between two providers. Jenn pursued ABA services for her son to address his apparent delay in expressive and receptive speech development, but it was not until his third evaluation when he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Jenn’s continuous journey to find the best treatment for her son provides additional motivation to make a positive impact on the IBHS community any way she can.

Her personal experience in her family has only solidified Jenn’s belief that, in order to maximize her abilities and contribute as much as she can professionally, she needs to maintain a level of passion for her work. Now that she has more than just her professional perspective, Jenn has an even better understanding of what her clients’ parents are experiencing and expecting from behavioral health services.

Jenn has held several positions with organizations in and around Philadelphia, and she expanded her role within them. She started her career at Bancroft Neurohealth in New Jersey where she provided direct care services for children and adolescents with autism or developmental disabilities. She was promoted to Team Leader and oversaw a group home for teenage girls with developmental and emotional disabilities. In Jenn’s most recent position before joining Aspire, she served as a member of the Potential Inc. Senior Leadership Team in charge of recruitment and training for autism services professionals. After a couple of years with that title, Jenn shifted to be the Lead Program Coordinator, but her new responsibilities did not allow her to make as much of an impact on the staff.

Jenn’s ambition then led her to Aspire Child & Family Services, where she is one of our Assistant Clinical Directors for Intensive Behavioral Health Services. Between her work experience and personal experience with IBHS, she knew she wanted to help manage a team that provides high-quality care. Jenn has always been passionate about management and helping entire operations run smoothly. Now that her son has also needed ABA services, Jenn’s commitment to her work is stronger than ever.

BCBA Certification Number:



2012 M.S.Ed. University of Pennsylvania Education Concentration: Counseling and Mental Health Services

2005 B.A. Temple University Education Concentration: Psychology